Lemkus Art Program Dev


Are you an up-and-coming artist with a passion for creative expression?

The Lemkus Art Program, proudly supported by Converse, is here to provide you with the platform you've been waiting for.

Our mission is to democratise the art world by breaking down the barriers that have traditionally limited artistic exposure.

Artists accepted into the program will receive a six-week window to produce a captivating body of work with a minimum requirement of six pieces.

Need studio space or materials? We've got you covered. The program offers studio space and essential materials you require to bring your vision to life.

We will host an opening event at the Lemkus exchange building and run an exhibition for a month. All artworks will also be available on Lemkus.com Nationally.

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Terms and conditions

  • - Commission structures will be negotiated with artists on acceptance into the program.
  • - All payment terms will be highlighted in detail upon acceptance.
  • - Unsold art distribution will be finalised between The Artist & Lemkus.