Future-thinking: “Bl33d” for New Balance 9060
Iviwe “Bl33d” Yekani exemplifies the dissolving boundaries around creative limitations. As a young creative, his multi-hyphenated approach as skateboarder, barista, model, graphic designer and DJ is part of what distinguishes the younger generation - as they see the world as a place to pursue multiple talents.

Doing as much as we can with our lives - fueled by creative energy - is one of the greatest goals one can have. We see it everyday in our Exchange Building, with people in our community focused on refining varying skills, in order to build legacies for the future that will stand the test of time.

This is what we are committed to at Lemkus, and it's what makes Bl33d the perfect representative to capture the New Balance 9060’s spirit.

A heritage classic, this updated iteration speaks to modes of innovation that are leading New Balance’s thinking for the future. Blending nostalgia with newness,  the 9060’s showcasing the very best of the futuristic, tech sensibilities that have swept the 21st century - effortlessly combined with familiar elements sourced from classic 99X models, drawn from New Balance’s 100+ years of archival heritage.

For Bl33d, his future vision is tied to the community around him, as he explains that

“⁠I intend on creating meaningful content to do with my upbringing and my influences through my journey. I’m inspired ⁠my peers around me - everyone is always busy with something they believe in which encourages me to do the same. They show me that I shouldn’t  be hesitant to share what I’m working on wanting to create.” 

Transcending our individual existence for the pursuit of something higher is the mood of the moment for South Africa’s creative scene. As Bl33d says, knowledge is central to this “I think sharing knowledge is crucial because the community needs to survive past our time - we have to build a legacy that many generations after us can tap into, hopefully more easily than us or those who came before us. I want to continue supporting the ones who are pushing the community to grow so we can continue to welcome opportunities that we might never have realised were possible.”

A commitment to excellence and endurance are values that young creatives like Iviwe are focused on. It never ceases to amaze us that amongst so many of our community coming up, their priority is foresight and wisdom. This gift of awareness for what is to come speaks to the storied tradition that forms the backbone of New Balance’s heritage, and is one which resonates with us strongly at Lemkus. What more could we ask for when visioning the future into being?

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