Lukhanyo Mdingi | Sports Capsule Collection
Lukhanyo Mdingi’s eponymous label demonstrates a reverent commitment to the human spirit through the vehicle of design. Since 2015, the label has seen steadfast growth as one of the most critical facets of South Africa’s fashion landscape, while being intentionally renowned.

It is with honour that we welcome the opportunity to exclusively launch Lukhanyo Mdingi’s Sports Capsule Collection. The collection was made on our fifth floor design centre at the ‘NFS workshop’ led by Dennis Collins, and showcases our ongoing vision to bring about the production potential of local design right in the heart of Cape Town. The collection itself embodies Lukhanyo Mdingi’s ongoing dialogue with sporting attire as rich with sartorial histories and cultural relevance, as seen by the label’s SS23 BURKINA Collection. 

Some of the label’s achievement include a notable partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, as well as being the recipient of the LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize in 2021, and this year, the label became the 2023 recipient of the prestigious Amiri Prize, which includes a year-long mentorship with Mike Amiri in Los Angeles.

These ongoing achievements symbolise the potential for a pathway in longevity for aspiring designers in South Africa and across the continent. Lukhanyo Mdingi has shown at SA Menswear Week,  presented at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. 

Unique to the label’s practice, is Lukhanyo’s commitment to re-imagining design as a pathway to restoring dignity and preserving craftsmanship.

Through a network of relationships with artisans from Khayelitsha, to the Eastern Cape and up to Burkina Faso; Lukhanyo Mdingi continues to advance a vision for artisanal through the ‘hands that make’, as central to his expression as a designer.

Through a focus on natural fibres, textured materiality, perennial tailoring and focused referencing; the label perfectly distils contemporary, African design in the 21st century.

Lukhanyo Mdingi Sports Capsule Collection drops Monday, 27th November ‘23 - exclusively on