Maak n Plan S2: Kyla Philander
Kyla, originally born in Johannesburg, in an area called Berea until the age of 6 where she and her parents moved to Cape Town for a new start. Kyla shares her upbringing of growing up mixed raced in Cape Town and describes how pivotal it was for them to be raised by thespian father, who always encouraged his children about to pursue the arts.

Kyla shares their earliest memory of cinema as going to see ‘The matrix’ with her dad at the theatre. Young Kyla, then started wanting to see & explore of what the world of cinema had to offer. On television at the time, there was a huge amount of educational programming showing that spoke for everyday lives of South Africans. Shows like ‘Soul Buddies,’ ‘Yizo-Yizo,’ ‘Home Affairs’ etc which also provided a lens to what South Africa was and the challenges the country was facing at the time. 

Here’s a window into the person behind all the commercials & films we come to know & love dearly. 

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