Maak n Plan: S2 - Wanda Lephoto
I often refer to our generation of creative entrepreneurs / artists today as the Sarafina era. Just like the cast members of that production/ play toured the world doing what they love during the 90’s, showing their families and South Africa that it’s possible through the arts… I see us on a similar path. This episode carries that very same intrinsic spirit through and through.

The pass 15 years or so, we’ve seen pivotal youth moments shift the trajectory of culture through music, fashion and art in South Africa. I think of Don Dada with Material Culture, The Sartists, Boyz N Buckz, I see A Different You, Vintage Crew etc. Wanda Lephoto, (1/4 members of @thesartists ) has seen and actively participated in this disruption.

Wanda and his best friend and long time collaborator Kabelo Kungwane, started their journey with the love of thrifting and football. They would go on to sourcing outfits for the likes of ‘Boyz n Bucks’ and make conceptual shoots / look books of for their favourite brands (STUSSY, ADIDAS, THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS, LEVIS) mixed with their distinct style. This would later afford them commercial opportunities with local and global brand campaigns.

Wanda went from selling thrifted archive vintage Levi’s jeans on E-Bay for the purpose of funding his collage tuition to creating a network that not only resides on South African shores but also of an American/ European/ Asian scope. Wanda is a true representation of what hustling and making do with what one access to means.

On this episode of Maak ‘n Plan we’re joined by designer and brand consultant Wanda Lephoto who takes us through his of becoming. Wanda Highlights his unique experiences of Johannesburg, family dynamics, dropping out of school, community, the responsibility of his label and more!

The intro song for this episode is written by @guluveligucci who immortalised @wandalephoto forever. (NOTE THE SONG IS UNRELEASED) 

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