Nike Air Max 2021. The Future of Air Is Here
We could use a lot of superlatives to describe the Nike Air Max 2021.

We could tell you that Nike incorporated recycled materials to design a sneaker with at least 20% recycled content. Or the new Air cushioning unit underfoot is our most revolutionary. Perhaps we’d call it the "the pinnacle of comfort," waxing poetic about the cored-out foam midsole that gives you the lightest, softest feel. But maybe we just say it's modern meets technical with a splash of heritage DNA. What fun is giving away the surprises? 


The dual-pressure Air-sole unit works in unison with a collapsable cage, delivering a brand new level of comfort whether your walking 5 miles or to the corner store. 


Made from at least 20% recycled materials by weight, the upper includes engineered mesh, woven textile and no- sew skins for a sleek style that's durable, lightweight and airy. 

The foam midsole is split into 2 sections and cored out (like a honeycomb) for lightweight cushioning that lasts. 

The Nike Air Max 2021 Available in-store and online on LEMKUS.COM - Thursday, 5th August 2021 in Mens and Women’s sizing. Pricing to be confirmed.

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