The Room For Good project aims to tackle sustainability and socio-economic issues through re-framing how we as individuals can affect change and contribute positively to our communities.

The inaugural project is a new take on a clothing drive which encourages community members to donate old wearable items of clothing or footwear in aid of helping provide clothes and shoes to homeless people in inner city, Cape Town.  

RE-USE is the first step towards a sustainable future

In keeping with the sustaianbale principle of re-use, the studio is creating a total of six 1/1 upcycled apparel and accessory pieces which have been developed using items collected from studio team members which were no longer in use in its current form. These unique upcycled pieces will be part of a live raffle draw for all community members at Lemkus on the 6th of October.

Anyone can get involved by dropping an item in the donation box in-store. All items will be donated to the Haven Night Shelter and distributed to their safehouses around the inner city.

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